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The Fruits of Mindless Living

I’ve gained 48 pounds since my dad died in October 2012. Nearly 50 pounds. Who gains that much weight in what feels like overnight? I suppose 48 pounds in 20 months isn’t overnight; it’s 2.4 pounds per month. A slow, … Continue reading

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I follow a lot of blogs written by alcoholics in recovery. According to my therapist, and by my own assessment, I am not an alcoholic. I am an abuser of alcohol, however. No one has told me this; they don’t … Continue reading

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Inspired By My Brother

Last night we had an open house at my office. Open house. Open bar. I had several glasses of wine. When I drink now, I feel guilty. Toward the end of the evening, one of my co-workers and I went … Continue reading

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Redecorating the Bachelorette Pad: Part I

And so it begins! I’ve hired a painter who starts Wednesday. Right now, I’ve got the Tuscan look. Tan sand-colored walls with a deep brickish-red accent wall. Olive green in the downstairs powder bath. And a horrific deep red in the … Continue reading

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Television Must Die.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve made a commitment to myself to start living my life. Why I’ve held back (even before the depression), I do not know. But gradually over the past ten weeks, I’ve begun to … Continue reading

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Antidepressants: I’m a Believer.

Post breakup (back in late September) with an abusive assclown, I found myself deep in the pit a/k/a the abyss, the quicksand, the deep-dark-hole-of-nothingness. When Dr. McEnroe suggested antidepressants, I must admit I was quite skeptical. I’ve read all the articles about … Continue reading

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Embrace Life

While I haven’t quite achieved the nirvana depicted in this photo, I’m getting there. The antidepressants no doubt are doing their job. I wouldn’t say I’ve been transformed, but certainly there’s some reconstruction going on. On the antidepressant front, I’m now on 300 mg Wellbutrin, … Continue reading

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Antidepressants–Definitely More Than a Placebo

Today is day 18 of the Wellbutrin/Deplin cocktail. The side effects are calming down (and, alas, my appetite is returning), my sleep is improving, and I don’t feel so damn exhausted. Dare I say it? I’m feeling better. Will it last? … Continue reading

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2012–The World’s Mine Oyster.

Finally. 2011 is in the rearview mirror. I think I’ll be a bad driver for a while, and focus only on the road ahead. Not even a furtive glance back. The road ahead is looking better and better with each passing … Continue reading

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Quit whining and do something.

I feel like I’m writing the same thing over and over. And over. I’m tired of looking at the words I’m typing. Mack and I broke up. I’m so sad. I’ll never have another boyfriend. I’ll be alone forever. And on … Continue reading

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