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Cat Number Five

Meet Cat Number Five a/k/a Spotty a/k/a the Damn Cat. Spotty came to live with me late in the evening on September 15; the night my mother died. He has settled in quickly and well. I thought I would need … Continue reading

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Orange Dude, and other odds and ends

My sister and I have spent the past several months clearing out mom and dad’s house to get it ready to put on the market. Forty years and three thousand square feet of memories, junk, and a few treasures. My … Continue reading

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Ella and Her Cat

As you probably have heard on the news, there have been lots of storms across Texas. So last Sunday, April 17, I brought the little cat inside. Again. Slippery slope, indeed. But instead of simply cratering to the cuteness, I … Continue reading

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Slippery Slope

I let the little stray cat in over the weekend to give the birds a break.              

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Better Living Through Science

I take back every bad thing I ever said about antidepressants. OK, maybe not everything. Abilify did make my hair fall out. Viibryd gave me sleestak dreams. Wellbutrin plugged me up until I began looking like a snake who’d swallowed … Continue reading

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Cat Number 4?

Several months ago during a bad thunderstorm, I heard a loud, repeated thunking on the side of my condo. After the worst of the storm had passed, I went outside to investigate. Tucked behind the a/c, up against the side … Continue reading

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Mom and Sadie Health Reports

I think my mother has moved into the next phase of dementia. The end phase. Mom has had repeated infections over the past year: multiple urinary tract infections, and more recently, MRSA. The MRSA hospitalization over the Thanksgiving holiday appears … Continue reading

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My CKD Kitty

Sadie’s urine culture and urinalysis came back negative. Which means she doesn’t have pyelonephritis (kidney infection). The good news is, we stopped the antibiotic so I no longer have to put her (and me) through the trauma of giving her … Continue reading

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Nursing Sadie

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Sadie was meowing like a banshee due to a medication called Mirtazapine (Remeron). Here’s what happened at the vet on Tuesday: Sadie had an ultrasound, which was unremarkable. Sadie’s bloodwork … Continue reading

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Sadie’s Reign Continues

Sadie, my favorite cat, is going to be OK. Instead of being bad luck, it seems this black cat has broken the family curse. She does not have cancer. She does not have diabetes. She does have elevated kidney values … Continue reading

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