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Walking Away From the Law

I have 269 days left of the practice of law; not that I’m counting. I will be fifty-six at the end of the year, which means I’m leaving the practice during my peak earning potential. I could go to another … Continue reading

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Unofficially Official

When last we met, I had concluded with near certainty that my position with BigLaw was reaching the end. I’ve been wanting to leave for years. In fact, when I returned from Belize, a trip with which I rewarded myself … Continue reading

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The End of Lawyering Is Nigh

I’ve been practicing law for twenty-four years. That makes twenty-four years engaged in a profession I don’t enjoy. I know I’m not alone here: Many lawyers dislike lawyering. There’s an entire industry geared toward helping lawyers leave the practice of … Continue reading

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The more things change . . .

Two years ago, as my mother was dying from Alzheimer’s, I wondered how my life would be different once she was gone. I felt as if I was suspended between my life before the deaths of my nuclear family, and … Continue reading

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Now what?

Being a mid-life “orphan” is disorienting. As I contemplate what I want to do for the rest of my life, who I want to be, I realize how much time I spend looking over my shoulder for objections, judgments, or … Continue reading

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Line In the BigLaw Sand

Line in the sand is a metaphor that means, “I’m not going past this point, mothertrucker.” Wikipedia has the origin of the phrase perhaps going back to biblical times. Being a Texas transplant, I’m more familiar with its usage at … Continue reading

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It’s my life.

Over the past several years, I’ve been working on remaking my life. I dumped the loser “fiance,” got off the antidepressants, took control of my financial life, and stopped drinking booze. Within the next year or two, I’ll have ditched … Continue reading

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Freeloading Family

My nephew is a freeloader. Yesterday, after years of back and forth, I traveled to Houston to put a stop to it. My mother’s oldest grandson, in his early thirties, has lived in her home (in a garage apartment) for … Continue reading

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Late Bloomer

As I move closer to walking away from BigLaw, I often think: if only I knew “then” what I know now. If only I knew it was possible to retire by 50 (or even 40) if I’d started early. Luckily, … Continue reading

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F$$$ You Money

Learning the art of frugality has proven to be important for a multitude of reasons. Not the least of which is that it sets you on a path to freedom. Spending little, saving more, forsaking consumerism. All key elements to … Continue reading

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