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For Steve

Two years ago today, my brother Steve died of acute myelogenous leukemia at age 52. Three days shy of getting his 90-Day sobriety chip. While the cause of death officially was cancer, in actuality it was alcoholism. The alcohol killed … Continue reading

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Three Black Cats

Sophie the former stray’s two-year rescueversary is in two and a half weeks, on March 12. The transition has not been an easy one for my two shelter rescues, Sadie and Sally. In fact, it has been rather tumultuous at … Continue reading

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Black Cat Friday

Yes, I am a day late. And actually, I didn’t snap this photo until moments ago. But it’s a miracle! Sophie-the-former-stray (right) jumped up onto my (unmade) bed while Sally-the-wicked-stepsister (left) was having a clean. No one growled. Not once. … Continue reading

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Sophie the Strange

It’s been nearly two years since Sophie-the-formerly-stray cat entered my life, and twenty months since she entered my home. It’s official–she’s an odd little cat. Before I get to her oddities, here are three photos from today’s shoot. She’s quite … Continue reading

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Ella of Arc

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a writers’ retreat on Orcas Island taught by memoirist, Theo Nestor. It was a momentous four days. Four days of clearing the hurdles I’d constructed between me and writing my story. I thought, having cleared … Continue reading

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Sophie’s Choice

One year ago tonight, after 3 months of wooing, my neighbor and I shanghaied Sophie the stray, sweeping her into a cat carrier and into my home. If you want to read about the lovely story of her rescue (while … Continue reading

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Baby cat, it’s cold outside.

It’s in the 20s and 30s in Austin. Just a few days ago, it was in the 80s. I’m lounging on the sofa covered in a faux fur throw, a pot of Bolognese simmering on the stove. (Less than 2 … Continue reading

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Sophie The Triumphant

  Just when I thought little Sophie had gone as far as she was going to go integrating into my little family, tonight she surprised me once again. I’d just spent an hour with the former stray in her room … Continue reading

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Great Bear Rainforest Day 4 Part 1

It’s time for my next installment of the Great Bear Rainforest Adventure. This day includes lots of fog and mist on the fjords, whales, sea planes, salmon fishing, seals, and eagles. As our journey progresses and I become more familiar … Continue reading

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Sophie Up Close

I rescued Sophie from life on the streets five months ago. Once camera shy, she’s learning to embrace her rightful spot in my photo albums. Here are a few shots I took this morning as I refamiliarize myself with my … Continue reading

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