Three Black Cats

Sophie the former stray’s two-year rescueversary is in two and a half weeks, on March 12. The transition has not been an easy one for my two shelter rescues, Sadie and Sally. In fact, it has been rather tumultuous at times. The tumult reached its zenith (I hope) about a month ago, when Sadie must have gotten a little too up in Sophie’s shit. There was blood. Sadie now has a permanent slit in the tip of her ear. I was very distressed when it happened. And I’m still distressed each time I look at Sadie’s flawed beauty. But what can you do?

I’ve got Feliway diffusers throughout my condo, which definitely help. On the couple of occasions when they’ve run out in Sophie’s room, she’s gotten squirrely. Her diffuser was not empty on the day she went after Sadie. The trouble is, Sophie has finally gotten a little more adventuresome, and has decided my bedroom is neutral territory. Sadie and Sally appear to disagree, and chase her back to her room from time to time. Sophie, not being a wallflower, fights back. It was on one such occasion that she swiped Sadie’s ear with her finely-honed claws.

Sophie does have a set of spectacular claws. In fact, she’s got rather large paws for such a little cat. I am, at times, a bit leery when I’m lying in bed and she places one of her giant paws on my face, claws slightly unsheathed, gently resting on my tender skin. It’s her signal that she wants petting. I oblige.

Usually the Three Black Cats tolerate one another pretty well. Here is a recent rare example of some serious harmony:

Three Black Cats: Sophie, Sally & Sadie (from left to right)
Three Black Cats: Sophie, Sally & Sadie (from left to right)

Not the best shot, but when there’s an opportunity to shoot all three in the same frame, I take what I can get.

Here’s another, a moment later, of Sophie and Sally. Sadie had departed for the window seat.

Sophie & Sally
Sophie & Sally

It’s been nearly two years since Sophie joined our black cat troupe, and still their relationship evolves. Just the other night Sophie got within inches of sniffing Sally’s tail. Sophie wanted that sniff so badly, but she couldn’t quite allow herself to do it. Still, I was thrilled that she allowed herself to be curious about her step-sister without hissing at her. I’m hopeful the moments of harmony will continue to accumulate, and that the ear-shredding incident was a one-off.

Anyone know a kitty plastic surgeon?


  • You’re a funny lawyer. And thanks for identifying those three black blobs on your bed by name, left to right. I may have mixed them up otherwise.

    You know you’re getting perilously close to being the strange old lady found dead in her house one hot day with 1,000 stray kitties nibbling on her body parts. Of course, you’re not old yet, and not dead, and three cats are not 1,000. But it’s a slippery slope. One more, and you’re lost. Take care.

    I notice your bed is unmade. Is that a daily occurrence? Great artwork on the wall.

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    • Imagine trying to identify the black blobs in the dark. Is this the scrappy little stray who will eat my face off if I pet her wrong, or the sweet little snuggler? Mistaken ids can have tragic consequences. It doesn’t help that they’re all fluffy.

      I’m quite familiar with slippery slopes. Hopefully, when it comes to cats, I can moderate.

      Yes, unmade is the bed’s general condition. Are you suggesting I move the cats to make it? Only my cleaner is that heartless.

      I happened upon the bird at an auction. It makes me feel closer to the ocean, land-locked in the middle of Texas.

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  • Three, huh? Join the club! Check out I hope that link works. It is among my December posts. I wrote that about 2 months after I had introduced Lilly to Trouble and Mercy : ) There are still tense moments, but they’ve come a long way. Oh, and for the record, I do not anticipate having my corpse nibbled on by 1,000 stray kittens. There’s one projection that would not have otherwise occurred to me.


  • When mine fight I get shouty, but whenever a situation like that one on your photo arises I quickly do not grab my camera but the tin with rewards. To strengthen the desired behaviour.

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    • Sadie and Sally, litter mates adopted as kittens, get along pretty well. Sophie likes to stir things up and would prefer to be not just top cat, but sole cat. And then I remind her of life outside the castle walls.


  • You too? I have a similar situation with my bedroom. It has always been the girls domain, but recently little Mitch, the interloper, has decided that my room is the place to be and he spends most of his time now either on my bed or windowsill. But Rory (who is a girl and twice his size) isnt terribly happy about this change. Poor Mitch has been nursing a puncture wound and its possible Rory inflicted it. I thought they were getting better after 3 years but last night, Rory ran him out the room again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    And what’s wrong with being a crazy cat lady? ๐Ÿ˜›


  • How did you wind up with three of the same color and (apparent) size? Also you seem to be extraordinarily tolerant about inter-cat dislike — dare I say warfare? Heartlessly, I would have been thinking of re-homing long before two years had elapsed.


    • The first two, Sadie and Sally, are litter-mates. I went to a shelter for one cat after one of my then-two cats (Hobbes) died. Sadie was gregarious and so much fun. I knew she was going to be one of those rare great cats. Sally was shy and sweet and snuggly, and a little bit frightened. I couldn’t leave her behind. So I ended up with two fluffy black kittens. I had three cats for a couple of months, and then Calvin died. I think of a broken heart after losing his buddy Hobbes. And I was back to two.

      Sophie showed up on my doorstep in December 2012. I saw her through the window and thought one of mine had gotten out. She was skinny and matted and skittish. It took three months to earn her trust and lure her inside. She’s difficult and unpredictable. But also very sweet. It’s crossed my mind to re-home, but I’m thinking I wouldn’t have a lot of takers. And besides, she matches my set. Clever cat knew she’d found her tribe. Even if she doesn’t like them much.

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  • Cats sharing a bed island – rare shot. The diffusers do help a lot, but we still had hair whacking events with Olde Tiger and RC Cat.
    Laughed over your comment about the big paws demanding attention. Soothing paw waves sent.

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  • If I ever shot my bed with um 7-8 cats on it, I think I would win some kind of medal or something. LOL About the ear …. Ella, my cats have done this a couple of times, and it is distressing. This unfortunately is cat behavior telling the less dominant cat to get out of territory where she does not belong. I’ve worked many years to bring about Harmony between all mine, yet some days I do have personality clashes. I really wish you all the best, Ella. Hang in there. Love, Amy


    • Thank you, Amy. Every day they evolve a bit more toward peace and harmony. Unfortunately, none of them thinks they are the less dominant cat. Maybe they’ll sort out the hierarchy in another two years.

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  • A three-shot on the bed, impressive.

    Midnight every once in a while gets in it with her brothers, Maxie and Tuxie. You’d figured being littermates they wouldn’t fuss at each other, but they do. Treat dรฉtente works well until the day you run out of treats – then they look at you. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Hee hee! They’re gorgeous. We brought our three cats to France with us…which was not an uncomplicated venture! Now we have two rescue dogs, the sweetest babies in all of the land. Sounds like you have your hands full!


      • Yeah, to be honest, I don’t know if I would move 3 cats overseas again. I think the plane trip was fairly traumatic and I’m not sure they really ever adjusted to their new surroundings…poor sweeties. They were all older at the time we moved (10, 9 and 7), and they have all gone to kitty heaven, one by one, in the past 5 years. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So now we have dogs, who shed madly!


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