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The more things change . . .

Two years ago, as my mother was dying from Alzheimer’s, I wondered how my life would be different once she was gone. I felt as if I was suspended between my life before the deaths of my nuclear family, and … Continue reading

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From black holes to pits

I haven’t written about depression in a while. I’ve been acting as if I’d kicked it. Two years ago, deciding I was good to go, I ditched the meds. Drug free head, and all that. But depression isn’t a mind-over-matter … Continue reading

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The Problem

In her book, Writing Is My Drink–A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (and a Guide to How You Can Too), Theo Nestor talks about the “resonant narrative.” Theo makes the important point that writers whom we admire are those … Continue reading

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Looking at Rocks

I’ve been home from the family cabin on Lake Superior for five days. My mind had been like the lake when it’s filled with silt–cloudy, murky, particles swirling around, obscuring from view the rocks on the bottom. I’ve settled. The silt is gone. The … Continue reading

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Beach Houses and Dog Bowls

Being alive is weird. I’m sure being dead is weird, too. Or maybe not. Maybe your consciousness is dead along with your body and so there’s nothing left of you to witness whether being dead is weird, or not. But … Continue reading

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Ella of Arc

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a writers’ retreat on Orcas Island taught by memoirist, Theo Nestor. It was a momentous four days. Four days of clearing the hurdles I’d constructed between me and writing my story. I thought, having cleared … Continue reading

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You can run

Blogging has taken a back seat to my new job. On top of being a lawyer at one of the Top 26 Elite Law Firms (according to a story on Law 360 this morning), I have inherited my father’s business. … Continue reading

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Right here, right now.

I’ve been avoiding the page for the past two weeks because I haven’t wanted to deal with life head on. The year anniversary of the death of my brother was a couple of weeks ago–March 25. I took the day … Continue reading

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I traveled from Austin to Ketchikan, Alaska today. 2400 miles. I had a stop in Seattle; a place I’d never been. Based on the view from above, Seattle is spectacular. I fantasized about relocating. A thing I often do when … Continue reading

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Mine goes to eleven.

I’ve been 50 for 7 days. Today is the last day of my birthday. Yes, I decided that my 50th birthday celebration was to run from Friday May 17 through Memorial weekend this year. Eleven days. Throughout the eleven days, … Continue reading

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