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Blossoming Blossoms

It’s springtime in Central Texas. My favorite time of year. Bluebonnets and 70-degree days. Last year, I was working too much, and missed most of it. This year, I’m taking advantage of a slow patch, and enjoying every bit of … Continue reading

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Right here, right now.

I’ve been avoiding the page for the past two weeks because I haven’t wanted to deal with life head on. The year anniversary of the death of my brother was a couple of weeks ago–March 25. I took the day … Continue reading

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Today In The Garden

I’m going to be doing lots of zooming in on the wildlife on my upcoming trip. I didn’t even know which lens to use until I talked to a guy at Adorama last week. Turns out my 55-300 lens will … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tails

Here we have Sadie displaying her beauty. Sophie playing wildly with her toy while sitting on her scratching pad. The dull khaki wall behind her is now purple. Sophie looks stunning with a purple backdrop. Yes, this was the stray … Continue reading

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Nikon D3200 for Dummies

I’ve been to two classes in my Photography 101 course. I think I need a remedial course so I’ve ordered Nikon D3200 for Dummies. I hope a book for dummies is remedial enough for me. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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Beautiful Distraction

I have received my new Nikon D3200. As a result, I have neglected my blogging. I extend my profuse apologies. Here are my first couple of shots taken with this amazing device. It just feels so cool in my hand. And … Continue reading

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Augmenting Your Antidepressants

Today’s post is about natural antidepressants. Here’s on of my favorites: I think psychiatrists should hand out kittens, along with the drugs. (While this is not my cat, those are my shoes.) Next is nature therapy. I took these shots at a park … Continue reading

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Vorno, Tuscany: Walk #2

Here are some sights from my second walk near the villa. Tomorrow, I make it to the top of the hill!

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Tuscany Day 3: Walk In Vorno

I went for a lovely walk yesterday in the town where the villa is in which I’m staying: Vorno. I’m going to do a repeat today. Here’s a sampling of yesterday’s walk.

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Tuscany Day 3: Lucca

The days have been so full I’ve gotten a little behind on my posts. Here are some shots of our visit to Lucca, which is a walled city in Tuscany. It used to have a moat, as well.

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