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Now what?

Being a mid-life “orphan” is disorienting. As I contemplate what I want to do for the rest of my life, who I want to be, I realize how much time I spend looking over my shoulder for objections, judgments, or … Continue reading

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Orange Dude, and other odds and ends

My sister and I have spent the past several months clearing out mom and dad’s house to get it ready to put on the market. Forty years and three thousand square feet of memories, junk, and a few treasures. My … Continue reading

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Blossoming Blossoms

It’s springtime in Central Texas. My favorite time of year. Bluebonnets and 70-degree days. Last year, I was working too much, and missed most of it. This year, I’m taking advantage of a slow patch, and enjoying every bit of … Continue reading

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The In-Between

in-between : a state or position that is in the middle between two other things : a middle position Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2015. Transitions are excruciating. Sitting. Waiting. Seemingly stuck in the current place and longing for … Continue reading

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Permission to Stop Drinking

A couple of years back, I wrote a post entitled, “Am I an alcoholic?” I don’t think I am, so I kept drinking. Since then, I’ve googled the hell out of things like: Reasons to quit drinking even if you’re … Continue reading

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I’ve been worried about myself. My weight continues to creep up. I’ve been drinking two to four glasses of wine (or gin and tonics) nearly every evening. Sometimes more on the weekends. Walking, yoga, and meditation have been sporadic. I’ve … Continue reading

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Looking at Rocks

I’ve been home from the family cabin on Lake Superior for five days. My mind had been like the lake when it’s filled with silt–cloudy, murky, particles swirling around, obscuring from view the rocks on the bottom. I’ve settled. The silt is gone. The … Continue reading

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Beach Houses and Dog Bowls

Being alive is weird. I’m sure being dead is weird, too. Or maybe not. Maybe your consciousness is dead along with your body and so there’s nothing left of you to witness whether being dead is weird, or not. But … Continue reading

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It’s never too late.

The title of this post. How cliché, right? My kitchen is swarming with fruit flies, and so I took my trash to the dumpster, running into a neighbor along the way. I remembered when I saw her that the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Introversion, A Character Defect?

“Get your nose out of that book and go outside and play! You need some fresh air,” my mother would say. I’d go begrudgingly, where I’d sit in the front yard and pet the cat. And steal glances at the … Continue reading

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