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African Wild Dogs–Botswana

Here are a few shots of African Wild Dogs from my trip to Botswana last May. We spotted this pair in the lovely morning light, awaiting the return of their pack, who were out hunting. There was lots of tail-wagging … Continue reading

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My CKD Kitty

Sadie’s urine culture and urinalysis came back negative. Which means she doesn’t have pyelonephritis (kidney infection). The good news is, we stopped the antibiotic so I no longer have to put her (and me) through the trauma of giving her … Continue reading

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It’s never too late.

The title of this post. How cliché, right? My kitchen is swarming with fruit flies, and so I took my trash to the dumpster, running into a neighbor along the way. I remembered when I saw her that the neighborhood … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Valentine.

Originally posted on UB Ella:
Last night I stopped in at Whole Foods, and the roses and tulips were overflowing the flower buckets. I hadn’t intended to buy myself two dozen long-stemmed peach roses, but when I saw them, they were…

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Mushroom Baby

Family time has always been a mixed bag for me. (Which makes me unique amongst my readers, I’m sure.) On Thanksgiving, I’d drive down to Houston in the morning, have dinner with my family, and drive back to Austin in the … Continue reading

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Fueling Up In Ketchikan

Quick post before I lose connectivity. Stunning, warm day. Unusual in Ketchikan. I took this photo from my iPhone. I don’t know whether it’s any good. It can’t possibly capture the majesty of my surroundings.

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Get Real

My first year on law review I had to write a comment on an area of law. I chose assisted suicide and whether it should be legal. I researched it from all angles. The slippery slope–we’ll eventually be euthanizing people … Continue reading

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Pro Bono Awards

I wrote a big post about all the bloviating lawyers, the agonizing smalltalk, and the collossal waste of time I spent in meetings over the weekend. But the only thing I truly care to write about is the pro bono … Continue reading

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So much happened today with stray kitty Sophie. Tonight will be her third night under my roof in her sanctuary room. But we’re so tired. I’m tired. The kitties are tired. So we shall sleep and tomorrow write a full … Continue reading

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Stupid Springing Clock

Why did I spring forward last night? Why must I lose an hour of sleep? What is the freakin’ point of this yearly exercise? Finally it was daylight at 7:00 and I could just awaken naturally, no alarm clock needed. … Continue reading

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