My, what nice teeth you have!So much happened today with stray kitty Sophie. Tonight will be her third night under my roof in her sanctuary room. But we’re so tired. I’m tired. The kitties are tired. So we shall sleep and tomorrow write a full account of the day’s events. They involve the mobile vet, fresh-baked salmon, hisses from the closet, and more.

Until tomorrow.

About Unconfirmed Bachelorette

Unconfirmed Bachelorette, a/k/a Ella, is a 50-something-year-old lawyer who wishes fervently she could retire from the practice of law and write full time. Never-married-childfree Ella resides in Austin, Texas with her three fluffy black rescue cats and two interlopers.
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5 Responses to Aperitif

  1. blueviking says:

    Interesting artwork… makes me want to get out my scratchboard tools/paper and try to duplicate it (or something like it)… but I won’t ’cause I’m too lazy. 😉


  2. Mmm, hope the photo isn’t too indicative of your recent days!


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