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Here We Go!

It’s 2019: three-hundred-sixty-five blank pages ahead. How shall I fill them? Will I reduce my consumption of anxiety-provoking news and current events? Will I use the new dumbbells I ordered last week? Will I add to my “home gym” (i.e., … Continue reading

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I’ve been worried about myself. My weight continues to creep up. I’ve been drinking two to four glasses of wine (or gin and tonics) nearly every evening. Sometimes more on the weekends. Walking, yoga, and meditation have been sporadic. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Fruits of Mindless Living

I’ve gained 48 pounds since my dad died in October 2012. Nearly 50 pounds. Who gains that much weight in what feels like overnight? I suppose 48 pounds in 20 months isn’t overnight; it’s 2.4 pounds per month. A slow, … Continue reading

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I didn’t feel a thing.

I received an email from Mack the other day telling me he’d sent me the final payment. But instead of just telling me he’d sent the final payment, he continued with a long drawn-out emotional message about various and sundry things; things I don’t … Continue reading

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After a fabulous vacation in Tuscany, I am back to the mundanities of life. I’ve spent the past week and a half digging out at work (and getting behind on my blogging). I traveled to Chicago for meetings this week, and … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl!

Today is my 49th birthday. My last birthday with a 4 in front of it. I awoke this morning at the Hotel Bernini in Florence. Last night, I had a four-course dinner at a wonderful restaurant, including too much wine. … Continue reading

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Vorno, Tuscany Cooking and Wine Classes

We have at least one cooking class a day at the villa with Valentino. The food has been spectacular. Here are some shots of making grilled veggies and pork roast, lasagna, osso bucco (melt in your mouth!), and tiramisu. And, … Continue reading

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Life Without TeeVee (Mostly)

Two weeks ago, I gave up teevee on weeknights. The first week I caved and watched a movie Friday night (North by Northwest). Week two, this past week, I again cheated one night. Monday. I watched one hour of DVRd … Continue reading

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Painting Over the Past

The painter comes tomorrow. It feels like this change is about a lot more than paint color. It’s been six months since I ended things with Mack, give or take a handful of days. According to popular thinking, it was to … Continue reading

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Redecorating the Bachelorette Pad: Part I

And so it begins! I’ve hired a painter who starts Wednesday. Right now, I’ve got the Tuscan look. Tan sand-colored walls with a deep brickish-red accent wall. Olive green in the downstairs powder bath. And a horrific deep red in the … Continue reading

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