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Sobriety is a Yawner

For today’s back-yard birding photo, I bring you the Blue Jay. Larger than most bird-feeder birds, Blue Jays are noisy and aggressive. They’re also fairly comedic and fun to watch. You’ll notice this Blue Jay had lowered his crest, which … Continue reading

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Am I an alcoholic?

I’ve heard it said, you don’t ask the question unless you are. I’ve asked the question many times in my life. It seemed the prudent thing to do. The answer was always no. But simply asking the question often led … Continue reading

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Detox for Wusses

I went to my local My Fit Foods yesterday and met with the counselor. She’s a tiny little twenty-something who clearly does not have to concern herself with calories. But she has a B.S. in nutrition (those initials are unfortunate) … Continue reading

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Better get a bucket. I’m gonna throw up. Okay, not really. It was a good day. I stayed in bed for three hours after I awoke, cuddling with the kitties and catching up on your posts. Then I had a … Continue reading

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Vorno, Tuscany Cooking and Wine Classes

We have at least one cooking class a day at the villa with Valentino. The food has been spectacular. Here are some shots of making grilled veggies and pork roast, lasagna, osso bucco (melt in your mouth!), and tiramisu. And, … Continue reading

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