Better get a bucket. I’m gonna throw up.

Okay, not really. It was a good day. I stayed in bed for three hours after I awoke, cuddling with the kitties and catching up on your posts. Then I had a wonderful massage with my new Pilates teacher. This included half an hour in the dry sauna. The neck and shoulder thing that has been plaguing me since Tuesday is nearly gone. I’m beginning to think it’s stress, rather than something mechanical. Feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders much? Perhaps.

After my massage, I picked up groceries for dinner. Then I came home and sat on the front porch with my iPad, a glass of red wine, cat treats, chicken breast pieces, and left over smoked salmon from my holiday party a couple of weeks back. I sprinkled some of the treats on the sidewalk several feet away from me, and waited. Eventually, Sophie arrived.

Sophie Eating Treats
Sophie Eating Treats

Because I hadn’t seen her since a torrential rainstorm days earlier, I was glad to see her furry little face. As she ate the treats, I began tossing little chunks of chicken to her, closer and closer to me, each time. Then I gave her the smoked salmon.

Sophie Loves Salmon
Sophie Loves Salmon

I had her right where I wanted her. Next I offered her more chicken. She ate it right out of my hand. Not once. Not twice. But three times! I’m hoping tomorrow, she’ll let me pet her. I shall have plenty of chicken at the ready. And a better camera. (The iPad camera is worthless.) After Sophie had had her fill and ran off, I made Ina Garten’s shrimp linguini. Delectable. (Tomorrow’s menu includes Jamie Oliver’s eggplant parmesan and a fresh artichoke.)

Yes, today was better. No bucket necessary.


  • As soon as I read “better get a bucket” and saw that you had linked it to something, I pictured that scene in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” (saw it in the theater… gawd I’m getting old)… and when I clicked the link, I wasn’t disappointed… “just one more thin little wafer, sir?…” 😉

    It appears that you’re verging on becoming that “crazy cat lady,” with 3 black cats in the family (bet you’re a hoot at Halloween). Sophie’s a cutie, and hopefully you’ll be petting her soon! 🙂


    • Every time I say I’m feeling better, that line pops into my head.

      All three kitties are fluffy and solid black. So sad that here in the U.S. black cats are thought to be bad luck. They are even adopted much less frequently at shelters than their differently-colored relatives. Just silly.


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