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Looking at Rocks

I’ve been home from the family cabin on Lake Superior for five days. My mind had been like the lake when it’s filled with silt–cloudy, murky, particles swirling around, obscuring from view the rocks on the bottom. I’ve settled. The silt is gone. The … Continue reading

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The Cat Card

When you begin to feel sympathy for Norman Bates, you know it’s time to rethink your relationship with your mother. My mother, older sister to two male siblings, was a born caretaker. She married my father at nineteen and proceeded to have four children with … Continue reading

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Black and White

I used to dislike the holidays because of the family dysfunction. I now dislike the holidays because of the lack of family to create dysfunction. This time last year, we were adjusting to the death of my oldest brother (April … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa, Sort Of

I’m convinced now more than ever that the best way to stay healthy is to never need a doctor. Sounds oxymoronic, but allow me to explain. My mother wasn’t exaggerating or feigning illness to get attention. Turns out she was … Continue reading

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Rantings of a Bad Daughter

I need to get a grip on what to do in dealing with my elderly mother, and by extension, my sister. I want to run. Again. Only farther, this time. By way of background, my father was an alcoholic of … Continue reading

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Still no break in my mother’s silence. I guess if we’ve learned anything, it’s that she didn’t need to talk with me every night as she claimed, after all. I’m feeling a bit down. I lost my father. And now … Continue reading

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Getting to Know My Mother

I’m becoming concerned that I very well may have a bad mother. As I mentioned in a previous post, my mother hung up on me for trying to set boundaries. It seems we’re going on a couple of weeks that … Continue reading

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On Self Care

My mother hasn’t spoken to me for nearly two weeks due to my attempt at setting boundaries with her and suggesting she attend Al-Anon meetings. Having spent the past 58 years with an alcoholic husband (who died nearly four months … Continue reading

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Am I an alcoholic?

I’ve heard it said, you don’t ask the question unless you are. I’ve asked the question many times in my life. It seemed the prudent thing to do. The answer was always no. But simply asking the question often led … Continue reading

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The Silent Treatment

For 58 years, my mother was married to an alcoholic. I suppose in the last five years of his life, he didn’t do much drinking. Because of the dementia. He died in October 2012. Complications from dementia. My mother’s oldest … Continue reading

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