After a fabulous vacation in Tuscany, I am back to the mundanities of life. I’ve spent the past week and a half digging out at work (and getting behind on my blogging). I traveled to Chicago for meetings this week, and while I love Chicago in the summertime, the last thing I wanted to do was get back on a plane. My reward was accepting my neighbor’s invitation to drink bubbles by the pool last night. (Much to my chagrin, I think I may actually feel the stirrings of a requited crush.) The combo of the bubbles and all the recent travel finally hit me, and this morning I stayed in bed until 11:00 a.m. catching up on sleep and recharging.

Okay, okay. I won’t skip over the requited crush topic. My neighbor has been crushing on me for years. The trouble is, he’s nearly fifteen years younger, and wants babies. (“But not tonight,” he said, the last time he made a pass at me.) Despite the fact that he’s charming, sophisticated, well-traveled, single, stable, and has a job (the opposite of my last foray into romance), not to mention a sexy Latin accent, there’s just no point in going down that road. And then there’s the fact that it’s a terrible idea to have a fling with a neighbor. So I shall keep it as a flirtation, and enjoy that. But still, there is a stirring in my girl loins that I haven’t felt in months.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good these days. But the anticlimactic feeling that often comes at the end of a great vacation has me looking for something more. The something more that comes to mind is getting back to my running. But I’m having trouble running in the heat on the antidepressants. The Abilify warnings state that it’s easier to become overheated while exercising, and cautions against strenuous exercise. I live in Austin. I exercise outdoors in the heat. I refuse to spend my life on my elliptical (sheer freakin’ drudgery). So I’ve made the decision to see how I do quitting one of the trifecta (Ability, Deplin, and  Wellbutrin). I called Dr. McEnroe yesterday to get his input on my plan to quit the Abilify, but he hasn’t yet returned the call. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to go ahead and stop it, cold turkey. I’m sure there will be those who protest, but I’m going to do it anyway. When I’ve made up my mind to quit something, I don’t do it by halves. Including relationships and cigarettes. And besides, having quit smoking cold turkey some years ago, I can’t imagine this could be any worse. Just rip the band-aid off and get through it. It’s the best way. In quitting drugs, and men.

Hopefully once the Abilify is out of my system, I’ll be able to run without feeling like I’m going to keel over from the heat. And just to get it out there, I really want to be drug-free within the next several months. I’m feeling better. And with proper sleep, exercise, and Vitamin D (and staying away from abusive jackasses), maybe I’ll be successful in managing the depression without the drugs.

I think I’ve got this now.


  • Wow, that was a lot, Bachelorette. And I couldn’t give advise of course, you know best. I hope the lovely vacation will have effect for a long time, maybe also on the “stirring in my girl loins”. Don’t loose it, make it last, enjoy. On drugs I have no experiences, and quitting seems like a good idea, long term, think I have heard you don’t do that abuptly, but of course I am not an expert. I would’n mind some flirtition, but can’t count on any neighbor.. 😉


    • I do think the vacation and the girl loins are connected. Ha! I’ve got lots of photos so I can make it last. On quitting, this morning is 48 hours and the worst thing so far was a bit of a headache yesterday. I was on a very low dose, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

      I’m off to your place to see what you’ve been up to!


  • Welcome back, I’m glad the vacation was good. Your neighbour sounds perfect for a flirtation.

    Please don’t quit cold turkey, I’ve known people quit prescription drugs overnight and the side effects really can be horrific. Set yourself a target, map it out and reduce gradually.

    And yay for running – I’m starting back at my running tomorrow 🙂


    • Thanks, Phoenix. Flirtation is good for the soul.

      I’m on a very low dose of the Abilify, 5 mg. I don’t think it will be too bad. So far, the withdrawal has been very mild. As for the others, I’ll do those slow and steady.

      Good for you on the running!


      • Ah okay glad there’s been no nasty withdrawal, just take your time with the others, one step at a time… But well done 🙂 (I’ve defaulted on my running because I’ve hit a low but I’ll get to it).


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