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Walking Away From the Law

I have 269 days left of the practice of law; not that I’m counting. I will be fifty-six at the end of the year, which means I’m leaving the practice during my peak earning potential. I could go to another … Continue reading

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The End of Lawyering Is Nigh

I’ve been practicing law for twenty-four years. That makes twenty-four years engaged in a profession I don’t enjoy. I know I’m not alone here: Many lawyers dislike lawyering. There’s an entire industry geared toward helping lawyers leave the practice of … Continue reading

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Uncomfortably Un-numb

Here I am: Day 22 of the 100-Day-No-Booze Challenge. That’s three weeks without an after-work cocktail. The good news is, I’m no longer numb. The bad news is, I’m no longer numb. Funny thing about drinking (or whatever your numbing … Continue reading

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BigLaw Blues

This week, I bring you the Vermilion Flycatcher. I photographed this bird in Tucson last March while I was there on a lawyer boondoggle (also known as continuing legal education). At the time, I thought I’d photographed a Scarlet Tanager, … Continue reading

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I’m not sorry!

In my last post, I talked about body positivity. About letting go of attempts to conform to body-size expectations. But it’s not just my body size that has me constantly feeling like I’m battling against the machine–not only am I … Continue reading

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You can run

Blogging has taken a back seat to my new job. On top of being a lawyer at one of the Top 26 Elite Law Firms (according to a story on Law 360 this morning), I have inherited my father’s business. … Continue reading

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A Real Writer

Like many bloggers, I have the fantasy of being a “real writer.” From the time I could string words together to make sentences on my Big Chief writing tablet, I wrote. My first inkling I was any good at it … Continue reading

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Ten More Years

I’ve posted a bit of late about financial issues and retirement. I’ve got a plan, and if I follow it, I should be able to retire within the next 10 years. That sounds terrific, but for the fact I have … Continue reading

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