Great Bear Rainforest Day 4 Part 1

It’s time for my next installment of the Great Bear Rainforest Adventure. This day includes lots of fog and mist on the fjords, whales, sea planes, salmon fishing, seals, and eagles. As our journey progresses and I become more familiar with the camera, the number of shareable photos increases exponentially. I can’t decide! So I’m going to present Day 4 in two parts.

At this point, Captain Dave is still focusing his romantic inclinations on his on-line Nebraskan love. He sits on deck with his guitar working on the love song he’s composing for her, from time to time, shifting to two songs in his limited repertoire: Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game and Neil Young’s Needle and the Damage Done. Later, when he breaks out John Prine’s Angel from Montgomery and I feel no attraction to him whatsoever, I realize I’ve recovered from my romantic leanings toward midget musicians. (If you are at all curious about this, see my early posts on Mack the Midget Musician.)

I must pause here briefly for Sophie (the formerly-stray cat) fans. As I write this, lying on the sofa in her room, it suddenly occurs to me she’s lying on top of me, purring and drooling. She’s lying on top of me! This is the first time little Sophie has ventured beyond the safety and familiarity of the sofa cushion, up onto my reclining form. It’s taken her seven months, but she’s done it! Back to the photos.

We travel deeper into the rainforest on Day 4, stopping at Hartley Bay to fill our water tanks. Since we’re rationing, I’ve had one shower so far, and I’ve refrained from washing my hair. I find out later from Lindsay (the chef) that Veruca Salt (aka Phaedra), has been showering as if she were at the Four Seasons. No wonder our water supplies are dwindling fast. Later, she’ll begin showering even more liberally. To keep herself smelling fresh for her dalliances with the dwarf. But again, I get ahead of myself.

This day Captain Dave is writing his love song for Miss Nebraska, while I’m snapping photos like a woman possessed. Possessed by the fog, to be sure. Here is Day Four’s first installment.

About UB Ella

UB Ella (f/k/a Unconfirmed Bachelorette) is a 50-something recovered lawyer who left the practice of law to embrace a full-time writing life. Never-married, child-free Ella resides in Austin, Texas and Ontario, Canada with her four bad cats.
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17 Responses to Great Bear Rainforest Day 4 Part 1

  1. franhunne4u says:

    great photos – and great news about Sophie!


  2. Ho ho, Sophie got there! Super series of photos.


  3. Beautiful photos of my home province! Thanks so much for sharing them, they make me homesick and happy, all at the same time.


  4. Possessed with fog and nature, that is a good thing.


  5. ryeder says:

    What a great adventure…


  6. David says:

    Gorgeous photos. And, that’s great news about Miss Sophie. She’s decided you’re a good find. 😉


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  8. JohnRH says:

    When we visited Alaska we took a sea plane ride around Denali and landed on a mountain lake for lunch. Quite a seat-of-your-pants experience.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I love your land- and seascapes! Gorgy.


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