Black Cat Friday

Bottoms Up?Yes, I am a day late. And actually, I didn’t snap this photo until moments ago. But it’s a miracle! Sophie-the-former-stray (right) jumped up onto my (unmade) bed while Sally-the-wicked-stepsister (left) was having a clean. No one growled. Not once. Sally just went right on grooming herself as Sophie stared out the window and purred. Granted, Sophie flattened her ears a bit and swished her tail from time to time. But Sophie’s swishing tail was nearly close enough to Sally’s now pristinely clean tail to touch it. Yes, folks, they almost touched tails! But it didn’t stop there: after Sally finished with her bath, she leaned in and gave Sophie’s tail a sniff. Sophie didn’t bat an eye. Or a tail.

It has taken twenty months to get to this point. Twenty months of hissing and chasing and charging and spitting and growling and tussling. All of it was leading up to the wonderful moment when Sally would lean in and give Sophie’s tail a sniff, and Sophie would graciously allow said sniff.

I’m predicting in another four months, at the two-year mark, they’ll be sniffing bottoms.


  • Great to read this! Like Savannah from Savannah’s Pawtracks and her adopted sister Sage, who one day told the tale of two tails! That does not mean there will be no more clawing and hissing – even my two do this, still. But now you are really a 3cat-household, no more 2+1 … Which means, now you get concerted actions when they think it is time for food/entertainment/cuddles … They will take turns to make sure you will never have a moment to yourself, again. Trust me – I am beleaguered by two right now – one purrs, one sleeps. I know what I am talking about.


  • Oh how I smiled at this post. This is a major milestone especially for females. I still have females who have been a part of this “family” who still hiss and swat at each other when they get too close … and I am talking 8-9 years! Some cats just seem attracted to others and others, oh my, no! It is all about their space and don’t you dare get into it! I actually find my boys, some of them, more willing to get close to me then my girls. On the other hand I have one female who jumps on my chest when I am trying to take a cat nap on the couch, and as she does so, she does the paw paw on my chest with razor nails exposed. OUCH! But anyways …. CONGRATS with the two girls making friend progress! Way cool!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    • It seems to have been a temporary truce, Amy. They’re back to chasing and growling. I’m getting the impression Sally wants to play, but Sophie is still too territorial. Life on the streets will do that to you. And then there’s Sadie, who is nasty from time to time just to remind Sophie who’s top cat. While they’re not affectionate with one another, they are all very affectionate with me. I’ll take it!


      • Take things slow, Ella. Some cats just won’t be buddy buddy. That is just a personality thing. If they can coexist peacefully (or as much as can be expected from a cat) under one roof, rejoice. It takes up to SIX months for cats to adjust …. some years. A lot of LOVE on your part and patience, too, will do wonders. Females are tricky. They usually are more stand offish then males are. (((HUGS))) Amy


  • This is progress. How cute Sophie is with her ragged fur. I can tell both Sally and Sophie love you because your rumbled bed covers have YOU all over this photo. What a happy trio!


    • Fern, they hate it when I make the bed. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. πŸ˜‰ They do love me, even if they don’t love each other. My last two kitties, Calvin and Hobbes, would spoon and groom each other. The females do not do this. There might be a pair of male kitties in my future.

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