Television Must Die.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve made a commitment to myself to start living my life. Why I’ve held back (even before the depression), I do not know. But gradually over the past ten weeks, I’ve begun to think bigger about the way I live. The antidepressants surely have helped with that, along with my Ugg-wearing therapist, Annie.

I last saw Annie on Wednesday. Toward the end of the session, after telling me she thinks we can cut back from weekly to every other week, she asked what I’m going to do the next two weeks to live my life. I’ve got plans off in the distance (the Tuscany trip in May) and I’m working on redecorating my home, but Annie meant what am I going to do to live my life today.

The first thing that comes to mind is to watch less tv after work during the week, and write instead. I don’t watch tv a lot, maybe an hour a night to keep me company while I’m having dinner. But why not sit at the dining table and write? Why turn the television on at all? Tv zaps my brain. When the television is on, I’ve checked out. When I was deep in the throes of depression, I’d lie on the sofa and watch hours and hours of television. I didn’t want to do anything else. Except sleep. After hours in front of the television every night, I would prise myself off the sofa, climb the stairs, and get into bed. And I’d stay there. Usually for twelve hours, or so.


Perhaps leaving the television off is a way to move farther away from the depression, and toward a life more fully lived.

I’m going to experiment a little. Next week, Monday through Friday, the television is off limits.

And now, I shall go do some living on this day.


  • Good for you! I can understand how tv is “helpful” but bad when in a funk. It enables you to leave your mind at the door and not think I’d guess .. will you be blogging or writing in some other format??


  • Good second step…assassinate the TV. There is very little there that requires the use more than a couple brain cells anyway. Replace TV with walks, writing, good music or a hobby you have passion for.


  • In reading your posts I see myself a few yrs ago.. I have not watched TV (except for one Lisa Ling CNN special) in 2 years. I do allow myself the occasional Indie movie on my laptop.. I miss TV zero, nada, nothing.. The gentleman above me (Ryeder) said it all…


  • Television is by far my unhealthiest addiction (do they make a rehab for TV watchers?). If I stopped watching television, I might have to go out and actually LIVE my life, rather than just watch it passing me by.


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