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House of Cards

My suspicions were correct: my boss is cheating on his wife. At the risk of turning my blog into a BigLaw drama, I present to you an account of how his shenanigans were confirmed.* *Yes, I wrote that last phrase … Continue reading

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Reigniting Old Flames?

I think my boss is having an affair. Like this jellyfish I photographed on my trip to the Great Bear Rainforest, he’s become rather slippery. It all started a few months ago, after he went to a college reunion sans … Continue reading

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26-Minute Memoir

Earlier today I posted about a 26-Minute Memoir writing exercise I recently ran across. I’ve now completed the exercise, and while it didn’t turn out as I envisioned it might, I’m going to post what I produced. Honestly, when I started … Continue reading

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Things That Made Mack Angry

I spent some time this morning browsing old Mack emails. I really need to delete them, but I’m not ready, just yet. I still want the reminder of what an abusive asshole he is. Here’s a list of a few … Continue reading

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Oh what a difference a year makes.

One year ago today. Mack and I were making up after a breakup. On my office floor. He allowed himself to reunite with me, but only after I apologized and groveled after breaking up with him. Because he was wearing … Continue reading

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How Long Until I’m Over This Breakup?–Part Deux

This blog began as a way to sort through my feelings about a difficult relationship. It then became a blog about ending that relationship; an ending I initiated. Finally, it morphed into a blog about recovering from an abusive relationship and … Continue reading

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Dodged a Bomb

I’ve fallen in love with my iPad. The ability to purchase a book and have it be available instantly is terrific. Now when I get on a tear on a particular topic, the electronic world is my oyster. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Back to Black

I broke it off with Mack for good. In the words of Amy Winehouse, he goes back to her, and I go back to black. I wanted it to work. I wanted to want to live with him. I wanted … Continue reading

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From Wikipedia: Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented to the victim with the intent of making them doubt their own memory and perception. It may simply be the denial by an abuser that previous abusive … Continue reading

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Suspicious Minds

 Elvis sang: We’re caught in a trap;  I can’t walk out   because I love you too much,  baby.   Why can’t you see, what you’re doing to me,   when you don’t believe a word I say? We can’t go … Continue reading

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