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Unconfirmed Bachelorette—The Early Days

You might have noticed some odd activity on my blog of late. Notices of new posts written years ago. Password protected posts. Bad links to old posts. This began when recent followers became interested in my archived posts, which date … Continue reading

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I’ve been worried about myself. My weight continues to creep up. I’ve been drinking two to four glasses of wine (or gin and tonics) nearly every evening. Sometimes more on the weekends. Walking, yoga, and meditation have been sporadic. I’ve … Continue reading

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Looking at Rocks

I’ve been home from the family cabin on Lake Superior for five days. My mind had been like the lake when it’s filled with silt–cloudy, murky, particles swirling around, obscuring from view the rocks on the bottom. I’ve settled. The silt is gone. The … Continue reading

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Don’t look back.

I took my engagement ring to a jeweler today to sell it. It’s an absolutely gorgeous ring. Two and a half years ago, I got engaged to an unemployed loser. One of those guys who says he’s an artist (a … Continue reading

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Penis Envy

When I was in undergraduate school, my chosen major was journalism. The only thing I knew for certain I loved to do was write. The only way I knew to  make a living writing was to be a journalist. So I … Continue reading

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