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I don’t know what normal is.

I wrote a post yesterday about getting back on the dating horse. But I’m not so sure I want to. Life is peaceful now. There is no daily drama. I’m not constantly irritated and frustrated. I’m content. In contrast, a … Continue reading

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Things That Made Mack Angry

I spent some time this morning browsing old Mack emails. I really need to delete them, but I’m not ready, just yet. I still want the reminder of what an abusive asshole he is. Here’s a list of a few … Continue reading

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How Long Until I’m Over This Breakup?–Part Deux

This blog began as a way to sort through my feelings about a difficult relationship. It then became a blog about ending that relationship; an ending I initiated. Finally, it morphed into a blog about recovering from an abusive relationship and … Continue reading

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Sometimes, darkness is easier than light.

Some time back I posited: Do men cause clinical depression?  http://wp.me/p1jL9y-4q After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve come to believe the answer is, yes. When I say I believe my relationship with Mack caused my depression, I don’t mean I was sad about the … Continue reading

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Rain In a Time of Drought

Austin is in an “exceptional” drought. That’s as bad as it gets, so far as drought categories go. The twelve months from October 2010 through September 2011 have been the driest for that twelve-month period in Texas since 1895. That’s the exact … Continue reading

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