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Drug Free Head

Before my next Great Bear Rainforest post, an antidepressant update is in order. See my last update here. I know, I know. Not nearly as exciting as whales (and what else I have in store for you). But it’s an … Continue reading

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Viibryd Valedicition

It’s been nine days since I took my last dose of Viibryd. This post is a detailed account of what led me to this decision (it’s the side effects, stupid), how I stopped taking the drug, and my withdrawal experience. Because … Continue reading

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2013 Antidepressant Update

I went to see Dr. McEnroe yesterday. It’s been thirteen months since he put me on antidepressants. Placebo or not, they’ve done wonders. Thirteen months ago I was over 40 pounds heavier than I am now. I showed up at … Continue reading

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The Power of Vodka

I’ve been on antidepressants and back in therapy for a little over four months. It’s difficult to remember how tired and apathetic I was. How disinterested. But slowly over the past four months, I’ve begun to emerge from the pit I … Continue reading

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Things In My Garden This Morning

Here are a few photographs of what kept me company as I had my coffee this morning. I love spring, with the explosion of jasmine and the Monarch butterfly migration. I hope to capture some better shots of the butterflies in … Continue reading

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James Frey?

Sometimes when I write about my family, I wonder if I’ll be perceived as another James Frey. After all, it is a bit much to believe all this could happen in one family. While not an exhaustive list, here are … Continue reading

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Flower Therapy: Part Two

My jasmine has exploded in blossoms, filling my garden with their sweet scent. Here are a few shots of my Sunday gardening therapy. (I still need mulch!) So far, everything is flourishing. That makes me happy.

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