Gloaming of 2012

2012 was a year of life at its rawest. Pain and grief were abundant. But I also received the gifts of grace, hope, and joy.

My oldest brother died in April at age 56 of health issues related to alcoholism. My youngest brother entered rehab on Friday. He’s taught me that there is always hope and that love and compassion can cut through darkness.

My father, who had Alzheimer’s, died in October at age 83 due to a head injury from a fall. I spent my father’s last days with him at Hospice telling him stories of my favorite moments we spent together. His death has brought me a deeper understanding of life.

My niece became pregnant within weeks of my father’s death. The first grandchild. I am to be a great aunt. I have learned you can still be quite young and be a great aunt at the same time.

I’ve nearly succeeded in saving a stray kitty. When I’ve won her trust, I will be the single mother of three black cats. I’m learning to embrace the spinster-with-cats persona.

Throughout this difficult year, my WordPress family has provided comfort, encouragement, hugs, love, and laughs. You have taught me that blogging is about more than writing. It’s about connecting with people all across this beautiful orb.  For each of you, I am most grateful.

2013 will be a year of exploration. Of learning who I am through the prism of the events of 2012. Despite the pain and grief, I am a better person for it. But still, I’d like to put the Universe on notice: Enough growth and life lessons for now. Capiche?

I wish you all hope, love, and deep belly laughs in 2013.



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