Rally for Reproductive Rights–Texas State Capitol

What follows are photos I took at the Capitol rally in Austin today. Other than this short intro, this blog post requires no words.


  • Thanks for sharing! The bitch one is my favorite. Yes, I shall vote, and this bitch has a long memory!


  • Look at you, posting about uteruses, vaginas and stuff… from the photos, it looks like you were in the midst of the rally. Were you holding your own sign, or just a camera? I don’t quite understand the “azure” reference, but I’m proud of you nonetheless for promoting women’s rights (this, from a liberal “old white man’s” point of view). 😉


    • I popped over from my office. (The last shot of the Capitol was taken from our balcony when I returned.) I didn’t have a sign. Wasn’t even wearing orange. Re azure, Texas was a blue state 20 years ago. Ann Richards was governor. There’s been a lot of talk lately (eg, story this week on NPR) about the state being on the brink of flipping back over to blue. The pendulum has swung too far, and we’ve had enough. Not to mention the large Hispanic population and the influx of our more liberal-minded neighbors from your state. Luckily, I live in Austin, a deep blue bubble in the middle of the state. I’m safe here from the Ted Cruz crazies. What an embarrassment.


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