Out of the Closet

In this post, I share a photographic depiction of Sophie’s recent progress. Today (Sunday) marks the fifth day of Sophie enjoying the comforts of an indoor home. No more looking for safe places to sleep, scampering away at every unexpected noise, scavenging for food and water, steering clear of cars and big burly toms, and cowering in dusty cubbyholes during thunderstorms. She now has her own room with always accessible food and water, treats, scratching post and pads, toys, litter box (which she’s using!), a comfy bed, a window with a view of a tree full of birds and squirrels, stuffed animals should she feel the need for a mama, and a closet to hide in when she’s feeling a little insecure. Sophie doesn’t like the flash, so I’m taking the photos I can get of her, without causing her too much stress.

Sophie enjoying the safety of the closet, but no longer hiding behind the green bin. Her little brown teddy bear is in front of her.


Sophie comes out of the closet and hides beneath the dresser with her pony.


Now she’s ventured from beneath the dresser to enjoy her salmon supper.



Here she is getting some cuddles. She’s not much into her interactive toy, yet.


What’s that under the door?


Sadie has become quite curious about the new addition. My what big claws you have.


If you look closely to the right of the paw, you can see Sadie’s eye peeping under the door. (You might have to click on the photo and get the enlarged version to spot it.)


When Sophie went to use her scratching pad (Sadie’s paw still poking under the door), Sadie hissed at her several times through the door. I shoved a few treats underneath, hoping to defuse the situation. It seems to have worked.

Now I’m working on mustering up the courage to begin the introductions. I’ve given Sophie two socks; one with Sadie’s scent, one with Sally’s. Next I need to rub a sock against Sophie’s scent glands (by her whiskers), and give them to Sadie and Sally. That is my goal for today. I’m not sure when I’m going to attempt a face-to-face. But I hope it won’t be long.


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