Cat Nikon Photo Blog

Here are some of my first photos with my new Nikon D3200. All of the below photos are of Sadie, save one. The last photo is of Princess Sally. Admittedly, these were all taken in auto mode. I’ll get there!

Look, mom, no paws!
Look, mom, no paws!
Mom! Mom! Mooooooom!
She’s ignoring me. I’m bored up here.
What should I do now? Eat?
Get some sun? Have a nap?
I know, I’ll scratch my furniture!
Don’t I get a treat for this?
What do you mean, I’m a lazy cat?
Can’t you see how hard I’m playing?
Are you sure the water in my glass is fresh?
It smells like it’s day-old.


  • Very nice. As you take more and more pictures, and learn more about your camera (how to adjust for depth of field, etc.), your artistic creativity will improve as well (I’m not implying that it’s bad now, mind you). So even if you share a lot of pictures of your kitties, they won’t all be the same (i.e. we won’t tire of looking at them). Have fun, and experiment! Since they’re digital, you can just erase them if you don’t like them. 🙂


    • Re depth of field, Nikon D3200 for Dummies is on the way. Very good point about freedom to experiment. I wonder how people could afford to get good at it back in the days of film.


      • Maybe buying all that film helped lend credence to the term “starving artist” 😉


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