The Old Woman and the Sea

I took my mom and her most excellent cat to the beach house for the weekend.

Spotty and His Adored Mouse
Spotty and His Adored Mouse

We did some birding (me and mom, not me and the cat), and I got the best kind of exercise–on the beach. Yesterday morning I finished Couch to 5k Week 1 Day 3 on the beach. I plan to shall stick with the program and be back to running a 5k within 2 months. I’ll get another four miles of irritation-zapping walking in this morning, which hopefully will hold me over on the long drive to my mother’s home in Northwest Houston. Yes, I love my mother; and still she irritates me. But I’ve been a good girl (mostly), and have been patient with her. Or at least more patient than I had been before the roof caved in.

Maybe I should err on the side of caution and shoot for 5 miles after I finish my coffee.

What follows are a few shots of the beach. I forgot my real camera, but took over 200 shots on my iPhone. I wanted to review them on the larger screen on my iPad and post only those most worthy of you, my discerning readers. Sadly I can’t figure out how to transfer photos from my iPhone to my iPad except to email them to myself one by one. But I only have that kind of patience when it comes to wooing stray cats. (And certainly not mothers.) I gave up after transferring about 30 photos. Here’s a few of the 30:

Capture from my iPad just now as I’m finishing my coffee. Yes, I was feeding the birds.

There’s a rather large number I haven’t yet transferred of our birding excursion on 8-Mile Road. I shall research a mass photo transfer and post a few keepers in the days to come.image


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