Today, I bring you a different trifecta than the trifecta I usually write about—three more back-yard birds:

White-Winged Dove
White-Winged Dove

I love the gorgeous blue ring around the dove’s eye. If you click on the photo, you’ll see what I mean.

Gold Finch
Gold Finch

This is a female goldfinch. Her colors are not quite as vibrant as the male, but she’s lovely just the same.


Unlike yesterday’s Blue Jay, this male Cardinal is showing off his crest.

Last night, on Day 8 of my 100-Day-Booze-Free Challenge, I went to a little birthday soiree. I drank Perrier, which my hosts picked up especially for me. They served it in a pretty wine glass with a wedge of lime. While I drank my sparkling water, they  were imbibing one of my favorites—gin and tonic. I didn’t feel like I was missing out. Well, okay, a little. But I wasn’t staying long, seeing as I needed to get home and get back to work. Which is something I need to do now. Work. It’s always there. Even on a cozy Sunday. Oh well. It could be worse. I could be working at the office instead of on a sofa under a furry throw, watching the birds in the feeders through the window and tussling with Sadie, who wants to lie across my lap (and the keyboard).

Every day I spend working is one day closer to freedom—the Superfecta.


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