For the Birds!

image image imageimage

Today I used the zoom for what it’s actually for. Here are a few shots of a wren and a cardinal. I’m still on auto, but am experimenting nonetheless.

I enhanced the color on the second cardinal photo. I prefer the original.

About Unconfirmed Bachelorette

Unconfirmed Bachelorette, a/k/a Ella, is a 50-something-year-old lawyer who wishes fervently she could retire from the practice of law and write full time. Never-married-childfree Ella resides in Austin, Texas with her three fluffy black rescue cats and two interlopers.
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2 Responses to For the Birds!

  1. Ooooooh!!! Cardinals are one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing. It’s when I see lovely close-ups like this, that I wish I had more than an iphone. Do you also have Cedar Waxwings where you live? They are another of my favorites that I wish I could capture up close.


  2. That bottom one has such personality. Cardinals are MIA her right now – but the little emerald green hummingbirds are migrating through – saw on today – but no chance of getting a decent pix.


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