.5 Cat

Poor Little Homeless Kitty aka Sophie
Poor Little Homeless Kitty aka Sophie


My stray girl, Sophie, has progressed quite dramatically over the past week. When I first saw her, back in mid-December, she was a hungry, frightened, skittish girl who wouldn’t come near for nearly a month of wooing with Greenies and tuna. Eventually, with great patience, she allowed me to pet her. Now she comes nearly every night at dusk. Often when I arrive home from work, she’s waiting out front for me. I feed her albacore tuna  (Whole Foods, no salt). She scarfs down an entire can every night. I also leave her dry food in the garage. She’s put on weight over the past two months and is looking quite healthy.

Today when I went to buy groceries, they were out of albacore tuna. So I bought several cans of skipjack, and ordered a case of albacore to pick up later in the week. I went outside at dusk to feed Sophie, and she came running, as she is wont to do these days. I opened the skipjack and put a few forkfuls onto the saucer. Sophie sniffed it, turned her nose up, and walked away. Apparently beggars can be choosers. I can’t believe it–the hungry little stray turned her nose up at skipjack tuna. The good news is, she’s no longer starving.

After Sophie realized she’d be getting no albacore this evening, she moved into petting mode. Up until tonight, our petting consisted of her standing at arm’s length from me, and allowing me to pet her head and back. But she hadn’t rubbed up against me and marked me as hers at any time over the past two months. The bush, however, was clearly her possession.

But tonight was different. Sophie began to rub up against me. Very tentatively, but she’d done it. I’m hers.

It gets better. She let me pick her up and hold her. She snuggled up to me in my arms. Not once, but twice. She struggled ever so slightly, and then she relaxed and settled into my arms. Twice!

This little kitty was somebody’s baby. She’s so skittish I’m fairly certain she was an indoor kitty. And she’s such a lover. I don’t understand why I can’t find her parents.  Why aren’t they looking for her on Craig’s list or any of the other sites I’ve posted on? I so wish I could find her home. But I’m beginning to believe she’s found her home. With me.

Tonight when I held her, I went from having 2.5 cats to 2.75 cats. We’re almost there.




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