What’s a Viibryd?

I saw Dr. McEnroe on Monday and told him I stopped taking the Abilify ten days ago. Since stopping it, I’ve felt a little anxious, but thought maybe it was just a side effect from getting off the drug. Apparently my acceptable level of anxiety and his acceptable level of anxiety differ. So he gave me samples of a brand new drug called Viibryd. Who comes up with these names? This one sounds like a cross between vibrator and vibrant. So of course I accepted the samples. I did, however, think long and hard Monday night about whether to actually take them. By Tuesday night, I figured, what the hell. So now I take 300 mg of Wellbutrin and 15 mg of Deplin in the morning, and 10 mg of Viibryd at night. After a week, I  move up to 20 mg of Viibryd, and then maybe 40.

Before I decided to take the new drug, I scoured the internet. Apparently everyone is having “explosive diarrhea” and nightmares involving Sleestaks. Nevertheless, I plunged on and took the dose. I had pretty bad insomnia the first two nights. That settled down a little the third night. And last night, I slept pretty well. No explosive diarrhea or Sleestaks. Although a Sleestak or two might have been fun.

While I’m feeling virtually no side effects, I’m not really feeling any effects yet, either. This drug is supposed to start working more quickly than other antidepressants, but it is early days. I shall keep an eye on things and report back. Since there’s not much out there on this drug Viibryd, updates on this one might be useful to someone.


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