Ontario Summers

What I remember most about my childhood is moving vans and boxes. But no matter where we lived—Chicago, Saginaw, Denver, Long Island, Houston, Charlotte—we always spent our summers in the same place: Lake Superior, Ontario. Here are some photos from my last visit, September 2011. I took over 500 shots, so I had a tough time choosing.


  • How cool. We moved to the US almost 18 years ago and have raised our children here. We have moved so many times, like you a moving van is a normal part of our lives. We have kept a home in Ontario Canada as well. We are on a bay off of Lake Ontario. Our kids love it there and we spend all summer there. No matter where we end up, home will always be on the lake in Ontario. I hope they continue to come when they are grown ups


    • We used to spend all summer there, too. Even though it has only an outhouse and an outdoor shower, I still try to make it up once a year. It adds to the charm. I bet your kids will find it difficult to stay away. There aren’t many places where so much natural beauty abounds.


      • We used to have the outhouse. There is a picture of it on my blog. Now we have a real house with the hopes of retiring there someday. A yes they love it. They water ski, wakeboard, fish, we camp,hike you name it we do it. We are now able to go up at Christmas as well and last year had the perfect freeze so we make a hockey rink on the lake. It is almost surreal at times.


  • How lovely…love the fact you have the water and the nature coinciding so closely…I spent all my childhood summers at the Outer Banks beaches (NC) and would have loved more greenery..
    You are most fortunate indeed!


  • Lovely pics.

    I recently spent some time sitting on a hill in a park I grew up in, and I was so surprised by how calming it was. For the first time in a long time, I felt grounded, safe and belonging. Something about having played there maybe…like I intimately knew every inch and every rock. Now I’m trying to feel like that everywhere I go 🙂


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