No more.

I’m so upset. Last night while petting my little kitty, I noticed two lumps under the skin on her back near her spine. I need to stop scouring the Internet as it’s just increasing my worrying. The vet comes tomorrow at 3:00. Please let them be benign. I can’t handle any more cancer right now.

I talked to my mother on Saturday. My father had surgery on his eye to fix a recurring problem with his tear duct. Cancer around the eye. The doctor removed a large margin of tissue. She hasn’t told my father yet. They canceled their yearly trip to Lake Superior. For the first summer in decades, they will stay in Texas for the month of August. I wonder if my trip up with Mack last year will have been their last.

Please, no more cancer.

About Unconfirmed Bachelorette

Unconfirmed Bachelorette, a/k/a Ella, is a 50-something-year-old lawyer who wishes fervently she could retire from the practice of law and write full time. Never-married-childfree Ella resides in Austin, Texas with her three fluffy black rescue cats and two interlopers.
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8 Responses to No more.

  1. I send you love and blessings. I hope everything works out well for both the kitty and your father.


  2. free penny press says:

    I echo SP’s comment.. sending positive vibes your way for Daddy & Kitty!!


  3. Fingers crossed that everything is ok 🙂


  4. ryeder says:

    Aho from Backwater, South Dakota! I’ve just nominated you for “Inspiring Blog Award” and “One Lovely Blog Award.” You may choose to pass along the fun by giving me a shout-out, then stating 7 facts about yourself and nominating 15 bloggers whom you find inspiring. Here’s where you can find my post nominating you:



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