Pussies Galore!

Day 2 of the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge is coming to a close. Yesterday, Day 1, I woke up hungry. It’s like my brain told my body I was going to be excessively hungry in the days to come, and my body said, “Why wait?” Lest you think I’m whining without cause, I need to correct my previous post–the calorie range is 1100 to 1300 a day, averaging out to a perfect 1200 over 21 days. Yes, I did the math. I also tried to calculate the caloric deficit to determine how many pounds I might lose over 21 days. I’m guessing 3.

Okay, so yesterday I was ready to eat the cat’s chicken, I was so hungry. Actually, I did have a tiny nibble when Sophie didn’t show. But I put the rest away for tonight. And I haven’t seen her yet, again. This poached chicken is looking mighty fine. (I’m sitting out on the front step writing and drinking hot tea, as I wait for her.) Part of the problem is that yesterday I had a strength training session at lunch time. I don’t think I’ve shared this yet, but I can leg press 405 pounds. I like to tell men I’m like Pussy Galore–I can squeeze a man to death with my thighs. I know, right? Why have I never been married? (Maybe it wasn’t Pussy Galore. Maybe it was some other Bond character. But I like to say it was Pussy.)

So all the leg-pressing made me hungry. And yesterday was an 1100 calorie day. Okay, 1110 with the chicken nibble. After work, to take my mind off the fact that the black jelly beans at the receptionist’s desk were looking tasty (I abhor licorice and all it stands for), I did a Pilates duet after work. The Pilates teacher offered me a 90-minute massage for $10 off, and I’m suffering here, so I jumped on it. First I sat in the dry sauna for 20 minutes with my feet in a warm foot bath scented with lavender, and then we dipped my feet in paraffin wax, and she wrapped them up all cozy. Then I got on the massage table and was kneaded and rubbed to Mozart for 90 minutes of sheer bliss.

On the way out, the Pilates teacher/masseuse’s husband offered me some freshly baked quiche. Before I could grab it and run, teacher says, “Don’t tempt her, hon, she’s on a program.” So I came home and ate my Hobit-sized salad. (It’s a salad for fuck’s sake. Is a little more lettuce going to mess up the plan?)

Today went better. First, it’s a 1300 calorie day. Second, no workouts. Third, no freshly baked quiche begging me to smuggle it home. So I’ve successfully made it through Day 2.

Sophie still hasn’t shown. And she didn’t eat the tuna I left out for her this morning. I haven’t seen her for three days and I’m getting worried. I wonder if Sadie and Sally have anything to do with this.

Do you think this kitty

Bad Kitty #1 aka Queen Sadie

would plot to keep this kitty

Poor Little Homeless Kitty aka Sophie
Poor Little Homeless Kitty aka Sophie

out of her

Queen Sadie's Castle
Queen Sadie’s Castle


  • I feel your pain. The hardest part of losing weight for me is that I HATE the feeling of hunger. I have to feed that raging beast whenever it rears its ugly head. That combined with a metabolism that seems to click by at a snail’s pace and no willpower, are a recipe for disappointment. I don’t know if I could manage a diet where I had to count calories. This may take me longer than I thought. 😉

    405 pound leg presses? Impressive. They say that it takes more calories to support muscle, so maybe you’re ahead of the game. Maybe 3 is a low estimate?

    Hope Sophie is okay.


    • Allegedly my hunger will subside after the first few days. I don’t have to count calories. They give me these little pre-packaged meals and snacks. All natural ingredients, very basic whole foods. They make them fresh every day, and they’re actually pretty good. For counting calories, there’s a cool app on the Live Strong website called My Plate. You just type in what you ate and the calorie count pops up. Pretty much everything you can think of to eat is on there. It adds it up for you and calculates the various nutrient values. If you tell it your goal weight along with some other personal info, it will give you a target calorie range. As your weight drops, so does the range. You can also track your exercise and it adds that to the calculation. It’s easy and very helpful with accountability.

      Sophie didn’t come overnight, either. The tuna and chunks of pork roast are still there. Maybe she found her way home.


  • Love the pic of the castle!!
    What a wide ride you are on! I gave up, years ago, trying to figure out the calorie stuff, maybe I’m in ‘denial’ but I must eat and eat regularly. I do enjoy reading your sagas, you are a very good writer.
    hang in there with this program and anything else that makes you fit, trim, healthy and happy and the cat will come back!


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